Bikinis for spring and summer 2013

Bikini Swimsuits: 1, 2, 3, 4,5

Bikinis for spring and summer 2013

Bikini Swimsuits: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Bikini Swimsuits:

There are so many fabulous styles of bikinis to choose from this summer, we had a hard time picking only 5 so we decided to list our top 10 bikinis for 2013!
What’s Fab right now? Floral, Ruffles, Pastels, Frills, Monochrome, Animal Print, Lace, Mix-Matched Patterns, Underwire, Fringe, and Color Blocking are all popular bikini trends this spring/summer, and we tried to include at least one example of all of the different styles.
Bikini #1 is a perfect example of mix and matching popular patterns to achieve an outrageous look. FASHION TIP: To achieve this style, you want to mix and match patterns that are completely different. In this case the designer mixed a striped monochrome pattern with floral (2 popular patterns this year). Try to stay away from mixing patterns that are too similar as this can end up looking a bit messy.
Bikini #2 has a lot going on in a small package, and that’s why we love it! This bikini is a pastel, mixed print two piece with a molded snake skin halter top with scattered rhinestones. If you’re looking to make an impact, this is the suit for you.
Bikini #3 is a bit more riskee and is better suited for those of us with a smaller chest as this swimsuit doesn’t offer a lot of support. What we loved about this bikini is that you get the beauty of an elegant crochet pattern, but yet it is only an overlay to a skin colored cotton base. So don’t worry, you’re good bits are staying right where they belong!
Bikini #4 is fun and flirty. It has an abstract print in a mixture of pastels and bright colors, and the loose fitting top makes it super comfy!
Bikini #5 is one of our favorites from the bikini collection as it’s incredibly unique and mixes so many elements from all of the hot swimwear trends for 2013. This sweet little bikini mixes a muted floral pattern with a lace overlay on top, and includes an under wire base.
Bikini #6 is a classic black and white triangle cup halter with gold accents on both the top and bottoms. A must have as your go to swimsuit this summer!
Bikini #7 This fun bikini from Urban Outfitters will show off your adventurous side. It’s floral leopard print combo is sure to ruffle some feathers!
Bikini #8 Cute and pretty, this polka-dot rose bikini with tie front top and ruffled bottoms will show off your softer side, and screams girly-girl!
Bikini #9 Color blocking is way in this year and so are bandeau bras. We just loved the pleated vintage stripe in this Marc Jacobs suit.
Bikini #10 A solid coral colored top is a must have this summer, as you can mix and match this adorable top with so many bottoms!

Retro swimsuits for spring and summer 2013

Retro Swimsuits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Retro Swimsuits

The 50′s are back in town! Retro fashion ranging from the 1920′s – 1980′s have done a 360 and have been slowly reintroducing themselves into our wardrobes over the last year or so in the form of bell bottoms, bright red lips, Marilyn Monroe hair styles, skinny jeans, fedoras, neck ties, funky jackets, and in so many other ways. A popular trend for spring/summer 2013 is the 50′s inspired bathing suits, and these are some of our faves:
Retro Swimsuit #1 Polka dots became a fashion trend in the late 19th century and continued to be a classic pattern ever since. This little red swimsuit with tie front top would look great with dark red nails and a bright red lipstick.
Retro Swimsuit #2 This adorable boyleg checkered halter is perfect for a day at the lake, and you don’t even need a coverup for this one!
Retro Swimsuit #3 This monochrome one piece with peekaboo stomach is hot with designers this season.
Retro Swimsuit #4 High wasted denim shorts have become a trend over the last couple of years, and are now becoming extremely popular in swimwear. Add a fun pattern and a bandeau top and you have a super cute look for summer.
Retro Swimsuit #5 This high waste navy blue swimsuit with anchor buttons has a nautical feel, and the retro cut bottoms evoke vintage glamour.

Bohemian swimsuits for spring and summer 2013

Bohemian Swimsuits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Bohemian Swimsuits

Boho fashion appeared in the late 1960′s when peace and love were on the brains of the masses. Ahhhh, what I wouldn’t give to be born in the 60′s. Boho-chic peaked around 2004-2005, and today with environmentalism growing, you’ll find a lot of “green” hippie-inspired clothing. These are some of our favorite hippie-inspired swimsuits.
Bohemian Swimsuit #1 This gypsy inspired tie dye bikini features a triangle cup halter and gold hardware accents for added flare.
Bohemian Swimsuit #2 Fringe top bikinis, monokinis, and one pieces have become a popular fashion trend this season, and you can’t go wrong with stark white.
Bohemian Swimsuit #3 This Brazilian made, Zambia inspired halter features an edgy pattern, warm color scheme, and gold plated accents.
Bohemian Swimsuit #4 Beading is one of our favorite trends for spring/summer 2013. The brown and bronze beading on this stringed halter give a rustic feel and contrast nicely with the bright white suit.
Bohemian Swimsuit #5 This beige crochet monokini is soft and sweet with an edge. The scalloped trim and lacey appearance give it its sweetness while the open sides give it it’s edginess.

Romantic swimsuits for spring and summer 2013

Romantic Swimsuits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Romantic Swimsuits

For a classier pool party or a more womanly feel, there are some fantastic swimsuits that show off a woman’s natural curves and seductive nature.
Romantic Swimsuit #1 Arm cuffs on this more conservative swimsuit gives it an air of sophistication and class.
Romantic Swimsuit #2 This champagne swimsuit is the very definition of sophisticated with a plunging neckline and elongated dropped waste.
Romantic Swimsuit #3 This flashy fun swimsuit would be perfect for an evening pool party. The gold studs and dip-dyed fringe give this suit some added flare.
Romantic Swimsuit #4 If you’re looking to get noticed this summer, this plunging fringe top one piece is sure to do the trick!
Romantic Swimsuit #5 Just like the one before it, this swimsuit is a get-noticed number, and the dropped waste helps to elongate the body.

Monokini swimsuits for spring and summer 2013

Monokini Swimsuits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Monokini Swimsuits

Monokinis in my opinion have gotten trashier and trashier as the years go by and can look very unflattering depending on your body type. FASHION TIP: Remember, just because it’s in fashion doesn’t mean it will look good on you! Most anything looks better if it’s suited to your body type. Here are a few of our favorite Monokinis for summer 2013 that will look Fab on almost all body types.
Monokini Swimsuit #1 Classic and bold, this black and white monokini doesn’t show too much skin and has a bit of a sporty feel to it. Perfect for everyday summer activities.
Monokini Swimsuit #2 This monokini shows a bit more skin than the previous suit and features a beautiful tribal pattern and v shaped front and back. I love the design as well as the color scheme of this suit.
Monokini Swimsuit #3 For those who love the look of crochet but need the extra support, this a great choice.
Monokini Swimsuit #4 Not technically a Monokini, but this swimsuit was just too fab for us not to include. Classic and conservative meets fashion forward in this retro style swimsuit.
Monokini Swimsuit #5 This bright tribal print monokini has a huge WOW factor, and the multi-strand trim on the back of the suit is a unique addition.

Conservative swimsuits for spring and summer 2013

Conservative Swimsuits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Conservative Swimsuits

Not everyone likes to flaunt their body parts in summer time for many understandable reasons, and summer vacations and poolside parties can be an intimidating time for many. We’re here to show you that you’re not alone in this, and there are many ways to stay fashionable this summer, to hide your faulty areas, and to let your prized assets shine!
Conservative Swimsuit #1 This black polka dot halter with tie front top is just too cute, and the retro cut bottoms help to hide the thighs a bit.
Conservative Swimsuit #2 The ruched bodice of this gorgeous red one piece makes this suit incredibly flattering.
Conservative Swimsuit #3 For the ultra conservative, this copper batwing sleeved one piece is perfect and extremely affordable at only $58!
Conservative Swimsuit #4 To hide those hips and pesky tummy rolls, this white ruched halter is a great buy.
Conservative Swimsuit #5 FASHION TIP: Horizontal stripes make you look wider while vertical stripes elongate the body and make you look thinner.

Designer swimsuits for spring and summer 2013

Designer Swimsuits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Designer Swimsuits

Maybe it’s just me, but I find runway designer clothing to be just too outrageous to actually wear! Here are our top 5 practical designer swimsuits that still look amazing!
Designer Swimsuit #1 OYE SWIMWEAR – Peekaboo stripes
Designer Swimsuit #2 HERVÉ LÉGER – Two piece double strap bikini
Designer Swimsuit #3 HERVÉ LÉGER – Two piece one shoulder bikini
Designer Swimsuit #4 MICHAEL KORS – One piece romanesque swimsuit
Designer Swimsuit #5 NORMA KAMALI – Chunk one piece in black foil

We hope you liked our list of the top 40 swimsuits of summer 2013! As always, let us know your thoughts and let us know what you think is Trash and Fab. We hope you find your new summer suit from our list!

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